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Refuge In Rhythm
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with a 30 day introduction subscription that gives you unlimited access to the Refuge In Rhythm video library and provides you with a training period in the Refuge In Rhythm Technique™️.

The video library contains a welcome message from Founder, Chrissie Zee and a two-part instructional video where she teaches you how and when to use the Refuge In Rhythm Technique™️ exactly the way she created it and used it for her own Flashbacks, Panic Attacks, Dissociation, Anxiety, and Sensory Overload.

You will also have full access to the Refuge In Rhythm video/audio aids, written and produced by Chrissie Zee and drummer, Jonathan Allen, to be used with the Refuge In Rhythm Technique™️.

Chrissie continues to produce new videos to add to the Refuge In Rhythm Video Library.

*By subscribing, you acknowledge that you have read and understood supplies needed, disclaimers, and when not to use The Refuge In Rhythm Technique™️ as stated in refugeinrhythm.com

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30 Day Membership

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