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With three months of access to The Refuge In Rhythm Video Library which provides you with extended access to a welcome message from Founder, Chrissie Zee and a two-part Instructional video, where she teaches you how to use the Refuge In Rhythm Technique™️ exactly the way she created it and used it for her own Flashbacks, Panic Attacks, Dissociation, Anxiety, and ADD.

You will also have access to additional Refuge In Rhythm video/audio aids, written and produced by Chrissie Zee and drummer, Jonathan Allen, to be used as a part of the Refuge In Rhythm Technique™️. Chrissie continues to produce new videos to add to the Refuge In Rhythm Video Library. 

*By subscribing, you acknowledge that you have read and understood supplies needed, disclaimers, and when not to use the Refuge In Rhythm Technique™️ as stated in refugeinrhythm.com

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3 month membership

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