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Everything you understand about self-healing from trauma is about to change.

The Refuge In Rhythm Video library will show you something you have never seen before. And that is: how to return to your natural state of calmness, clarity and focus, using the language your body understands - The Refuge In Rhythm Technique™️.

The Refuge In Rhythm Technique™️ is a rhythmic intervention technique, created by Chrissie Zee, self-healed (C)PTSD survivor, Refuge In Rhythm™️ Owner and Founder and now producer of audio and video aids for use with her technique.

In her video library, Chrissie teaches you how she used rhythm to take control of, reverse and eliminate her own anxiety, panic attacks, dissociation, flashbacks and sensory overload. And ultimately, to self-heal her (C)PTSD.

Learn how to take control by using your natural calming mechanisms in the comfort and privacy of your home.

Feel better today!


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